The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company doesn’t want you to know too much about its production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. In fact, all the website says is “It is ‘Big Daddy’ Pollitt’s 65th birthday, and the rumors of his declining health have his predatory family on the prowl. As all scheme to secure the largest piece of his vast estate, relationships are tested, lies are exposed, and long-buried secrets at last come to light. This searing family drama by a true American master remains a potent exploration of the ties that bind, and sometimes strangle.” 
The theater is taking on one of Tennessee Williams’ important American dramas with this production. Cat on a Hat tin Roof is considered one of Tennessee Williams favorite plays.
“There are many themes in this production,” says director Michael Evan Haney. “I think that this play is so beautifully written.” 
Haney has been directing plays for over 40 years, but this is his first experience with a Tennessee Williams piece. “Everybody knows the title,” Haney says. “It’s one of the great classic plays of American literature. It has a great message and gives people a lot to talk about.” 
Haney also notes that this play allows subtle developments that encourage many questions to build throughout the performance. The play will run April 6-28. For more information visit: