Offer He Couldn't Refuse
Ferrari's Chef Lowry Found His Passion in the Kitchen

Coby Lowry's path to chef at Ferrari's Little Italy in Madeira was not traditional. As a matter of fact, it began with the native Texan being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He spent his younger days on a dirt bike, and only found his way to the kitchen as part of, well, let's call it "an offer he couldn't refuse."

"When I was younger, I was a hooligan," he says, trying to contain a smile. That ended when he was ordered to get a job.

In a couple of restaurants in Rhode Island, Lowry found his passion. After a move to Cincinnati, he worked at the Watertown Yacht Club in Dayton, Ky., and the former Jekyll's in Hyde Park. He joined Ferrari's shortly after it opened in 1996.

The lifestyle agreed with Lowry "” restaurant life is one of late nights and late wake-up calls. "After the bars closed, we would go have a barbecue and tried to outcook each other." He worked his way to the top with experience and study.

His path included The Silver Spoon Cookbook, the bible of Italian cooking, then tweaking the recipes to make them his own. "If you went to Italy, every grandma would have that book on their shelf. If you're going to cook Italian, you know that book."

Clearly, he's in the right place these days.

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