Want to convince consumers to buy your company’s new Sugar Soda? Don’t bother approaching Tim Fening’s marketing agency.

This past March, Fening created Cause Agency, which promotes products that improve the quality of life in its target audiences. It’s part of a growing movement called cause marketing. “Very few [agencies] are trying to specialize in this kind of communication,” states Fening.

Specifically, the aim of Cause Agency is to improve health and community wellness, both through advertising healthcare improvements and pairing corporations with health-related non-profit goals.

Health care marketing is an ideal field for Fening. The Terrace Park resident grew up in a family of doctors and nurses and has more than 30 years of experience in advertising. However, Fening won’t publicize male enhancement drugs or under-researched medicines. He wants Cause Agency to promote surgical instruments and procedures that can prolong and improve life.

For example, Fening created a series of advertisements for Ethicon Endo-Surgery’s new cutter/stapler. Competing products were less bulky, but Ethicon’s Endo-Surgery’s product promised safer performance. According to the Cause Agency web site, surgeons embraced the new product as a result of the campaign, and patients spent less time under anesthesia.

Communities aren’t the only beneficiaries of cause marketing: Alignment with good causes helps businesses as well. Large corporations can gain increased visibility and sales from the partnerships, and smaller companies can develop their voices and brand identities.

Fening and his wife, Elaine, run Cause Agency with minimal outside help. This allows Cause Agency to be flexible and keep costs down.

“I’m not looking to be huge,” Fening says. “I’m looking to be good.”