If you say the word “lobsta” in certain circles on the east side, for many, the name Kevin Smith immediately comes to the mind. That’s because Smith has turned a cottage industry, run on a wing and a prayer (well, make that a claw and a prayer) into a thriving one-man operation.
Smith is president, CEO and chief bottle washer of Lobsta Bakes of Maine, a fitting tribute to his native roots growing up on the Atlantic coast.

“I was doing this as a sideline, out of my Bounty Seafood shop, for years,” explains Smith in his trademark Maine accent. “But it wasn’t until 2005 that I decided to sell the shop and get in this full-time.”
Promising an authentic New England-style lobster bake, Smith rolls up to clients’ homes with his own steamer oven on wheels, serving freshly cooked crustaceans poolside or wherever you might want the menu delivered. (The steamer is state of the art, with three-bay sink, gas grill hook-up and its own lobster tanks.)

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