The Quarter Bistro in the heart of Mariemont caters to your sense of sophistication (imagine, foie gras and truffles in the same dish), but it also appeals to the side of you that would rather be hanging out by a grill with a mug of cold brew.

The Bistro’s outdoor dining area is surrounded by alternating boxwood, roses and ornamental evergreens, with a few deciduous trees interspersed. Although the greenery creates a sense of privacy, diners still have a quaint view of Mariemont’s town square and its water fountain centerpiece. Black bistro tables sit atop cobblestone pavers, as do patio heaters, perfect for chilly Cincinnati evenings in early spring.

I ordered the Diver Sea Scallops appetizer ($14, $28 as an entree), served with a frisee salad, grilled pineapple, pickled shallots, pan-fried crispy proscuitto and warm truffle vinaigrette, topped with an edible purple flower. 

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