Comfort Keepers works to match its caregivers with clients. Compatability is based on both needs and personality.

No matter where a senior citizen calls home, Comfort Keepers provides customized services to brighten and enhance the lives of clients and their families. Employees undergo a demanding series of interviews before being hired with the company. Once onboard, team members are extensively trained in responsibilities and duties required of elderly care, according to the company’s website. The emphasis is always on treating clients like one of the family.

“We want to be the family member who can’t always be there,” says Kristina Butler, president,CEO and founder of Comfort Keepers. “We want to go in and be the daughter, be the son, be the family member who perhaps has a full-time job, lives out of state, or lives out of the neighborhood where they can’t always be there.”

Additionally, Butler says the caregivers provide a wide array of services such as nutritional meal preparation, light housekeeping and help with grooming needs. “There are a lot of companies that do what we do, but we actually try—in 99 percent of cases—to provide customized services,” says Butler.

Comfort Keepers develops an individualized and confidential Plan of Care. Staff uses this plan to match the right caregiver to a client, and this plan is reviewed and modified as needed every six months. “We match not only the skill level, but we try to match the personality level between the client and caregiver,” says Butler. “If we have a client who is very quiet, obviously we are not going to send a caregiver into the home who is super outgoing and loud. We want to send someone who is more in their wheel house.” 

The company also offers a number of products such as personal emergency response systems, medication safety and management, home monitoring systems, and around the clock monitoring center. Additionally, as part of the Nourish Life Initiative, Comfort Keepers also focuses on the challenges of hunger and under-nutrition among the country’s aging population through Feed Seniors Now. Providing grocery services and meal preparation, Butler says, is a part of the philosophy of care at Comfort Keepers, making caregivers just like a family member.

“A lot of seniors we care for have a lot of good family support, some have a little family support, and some have no family support,” says Butler. “That is our biggest philosophy: we want to be the daughter, son or family member who can’t be there.”