If you haven’t smirked at least once in your life at a billboard for Busken Bakery, then it’s clear you’ve never lived in Cincinnati.

The famed advertising campaign brought us such humorous slogans and pitch lines as this series of holiday billboards: “Look what the yuletide washed in” (above a picture of schnecken), “O’Come get a faceful” (more schnecken), “Just be Claus” (over a Christmas cookie platter), and “All the creatures were stirring” (with a picture of a soup and spoon). Now, these recipes for laughter have been rounded up by author John Eckberg and baked into one single paperback book, Have a Crumby Book: A Collection of Wit & Whimsy from Cincinnati’s Favorite Bakery.

Busken is a classic American business success story, suggests Howard Cohen of Cincinnati’s Clerisy Press, which published the book. “They started in the back of a small grocery in 1928 and have become an institution for generations of Cincinnatians. They’ve done one thing very well over the years, maintained it, improved it and made it successful for almost 80 years.” Cohen adds that the advertising campaign has a lot to do with that success: “I think people enjoy the billboards almost as much as they do a donut.”

Indeed, the tartly written puns and phrases — the work of the Creative Department agency — have promoted green shamrock cookies for St. Paddy’s day (“Sham dunk”), a New Orleans king cake (“Cajun just taste it”), an Easter cookie platter (“Marshmallow chicks dig us”), Halloween pumpkin cookies (“They’re creepy and they’re cookie”) and, of course, “Have a crumby day.”