I can't believe another year has passed. Do you also think of things to improve on come that Sunday morning of cleanup after the holidays? I seem to always look at myself in the mirror and say, "Now, Eric, this year you are going to go to the gym more often, you are going to get organized, get prioritized." Sometimes I write these goals down, other times I make mental notes.

And what happens the first day back at work? A long day, no time for a good workout, by Wednesday the office has piles on top of piles, and those mental notes are put in the priority C stack.

We can also utilize this time of introspection to take a step back and reflect on 2004. Haven't we collectively done some great things? Look around you: Greater Cincinnati has some strong companies pushing the envelope, we have leaders creating things, and service providers excelling in their fields. Take a look at this issue "” these are your success stories, and this is especially what Leading Lawyers is all about.

This is the debut for our annual Leading Lawyers feature. In it you will see some 63 attorneys, all at the top of their fields, all voted in by their peers, and all working right here in the Tristate.

These lawyers more than likely are the ones who will skip that workout to ensure their clients are looked after, will take that call on their cell phone, and are "” I am sure "” not only masters of their craft, but leaders in the community. These winners exemplify how this region is chock full of those who have the requisite abilities to get your company to the next level.

I would say in 2005 that we not forget our biggest goal: to keep having fun. Maybe our plate (at work) is a little too full; perhaps we sometimes will bite off a little more than we can chew. Let's admit, addressing these future challenges just might be too exciting to pass up. Who knows when we will meet the people like we read about, the people who enable success? Mental note: first, join a gym.