Just as business development has boomed along the Interstate 75 corridor between Cincinnati and Dayton, the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance has mirrored that growth in the last 39 years.

With about 700 members, the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance is the region’s fourth largest chamber organization, representing businesses from Northern Kentucky to Dayton.

The chamber’s mission is to establish West Chester Township and Liberty Township, plus the surrounding areas, as the region’s business epicenter.

Joe Hinson, the chamber’s president and CEO, says, “The award-winning and nationally recognized West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance is a vibrant and dynamic organization that parallels our area’s business growth, focusing on the needs of our members.

“Our strategic location on I-75, key business and community connections, and professional team of can-do professionals that deliver outstanding service to our members and the business community provide for a solid return on our member’s investment.”

The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance was established in 1976 as the Union Township Chamber of Commerce. The chamber’s name changed during that time, from the Southeastern Butler County Chamber of Commerce in 1996 to the West Chester Chamber Alliance in 2004 and finally to its current name in 2010.

“The Chamber has grown and developed as West Chester and Liberty Townships started to focus on creating business districts along I-75, beginning with the opening of Union Centre Boulevard in 1997,” says Hinson.

The chamber provides multiple benefits for its members, he says.

“We educate and inform our members on current and future events that shape the future of our area, and, in turn, affect their business. We provide our members many tangible benefits that can contribute to their action plans for accomplishing their business goals.”

Some of those tangible benefits include discounts on health care plans, dental plans, vision plans, prescriptions and workers’ compensation plans.

In addition, the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance has Chamber Advisors who provide chamber members with free consulting services in a variety of professional and specialty areas. Chamber Advisors are business consultants, attorneys, CPAs, marketing experts, sales coaches and trainers, human resources experts, financial planners, and others who volunteer their time to assist other chamber members.

Not only are there tangible benefits to a chamber membership, but one of the most important benefits for businesses are the opportunities to meet and network with other businesses in the area. That, in turn, can lead to chamber members gaining new business from other chamber members, Hinson says.

Kathy Rambo is the vice president of special events for the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance and she is the person who organizes and supervises the many events that are fundamental chamber activities.

Rambo says that businesses should join the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance because, “If they want to have networking opportunities and showcase their businesses, collaborate with other businesses and grow their business, the chamber is a good place to begin.”

The chamber produced more than 70 programs last year to educate and inform members. Five of those were signature events “that educated and informed, brought business professionals together to network, and recognized our outstanding business and community leaders,” Hinson says.

Signature events included the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance’s Annual Celebration, Regional Business Expo, The Everest Award, Golf Classic and Women of Excellence.

Rambo says, “We try our best with all our events to make sure they are great networking opportunities along with being fun and giving back to the community.”

One of the most popular events, says Rambo, is the Golf Classic.

“That’s a great place for members to bring clients or prospective clients and to meet new people, new clients and just relax and enjoy a game of golf and be away from the office for a little break,” she says. “And a lot of business is done on the golf course.”

The West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance is also focused on developing the quantity, quality and effectiveness of leadership along the I-75 growth corridor and within the communities of West Chester and Liberty Townships through its Leadership 21 program.

The program’s facilitator, Kenni Blache, director of membership services for the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance, says area leaders are selected through an application process. “We like to have diversity in there in all industries and ages just to have a variety of perspectives,” says Blache.

The Leadership 21 program runs from September through May each year and consists of full-day sessions that include visits to places such as the county jail, local police department, schools, food pantries, hospitals and other businesses in the community.

“We give you a solid foundation of the infrastructure of the community,” Blache says. “We pull back the curtain, if you will. We love to walk in that backroom and just understand how companies are run or the needs in social services.”

Once the nine-month sessions are completed, participants then design and implement a community project from June through September.

Not only do participants in the Leadership 21 program gain an understanding of the community, they also develop personal relationships. “You get to make some really deep friendships, business and personal, along with the personal growth,” says Blache.

The heart of the Leadership 21 program is making the community a better place to live. “As we develop this core of leaders, you know we can’t fix the world, but what can we do to impact our little piece of the pie,” Blache says.

There are currently 26 chamber members participating in this year’s Leadership 21 program, the 14th year for the program.

These types of programs, benefits and events offered by the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance all help to unite the businesses along the I-75 corridor, says Hinson.

“Our Chamber is a recognized pillar in the community, bringing West Chester and Liberty Townships and the I-75 Growth Corridor together,” says Hinson.

Blache sums up the mission of the West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance by saying, “We’re a body that wants you to be successful. Because when you’re successful, we’re successful.”