They've been called dedicated, passionate, and even crazy.

These are the fans who bleed orange and black, through good times and bad times, rain or shine, win or lose. It takes a certain kind of football fan to attend games with record wind chills, paint not one but three cars with Bengals colors, or start a booming fan club.

So call these people "superfans," diehards, or say they've lost their minds "” just don't call them fair-weather fans.

Through Thick and Thin
Name: Terry Wallace
Age: 55
Occupation: Vice President of Die Craft
Part of town: Colerain Township

How did you get into the team?

"It's been a 25-year thing. I have only missed one game in 25 years, when I had pneumonia. It was rainy and icy. I don't have a lot of common sense, but it kicked in that day. My mother even said if she died on a game day I wouldn't go to her funeral. I'd go, but I would definitely be planning her funeral around the game."

What is your "game day ritual?"
"I get up and pack a cooler, head to the stadium around 9:00 a.m. to start tailgating with friends. We grill out, eat, have some adult beverages, go to the game, and maybe grill out again after the game. One of the biggest thrills is the camaraderie before the game. We all wear our gear, pretty much just Bengals jerseys, hats, socks and sweatshirts. If we go to the Super Bowl, though, all bets are off."

Who is your favorite player and why?
"I like Rey Maualuga a lot because he brings an intensity we really need. Palmer and Ochocinco have been here a while, and our future rise and fall will really depend on Carson. I also happen to enjoy Chad's entertainment 99% of the time."

Best moment as a Bengals fan:
The Freezer Bowl (1981 AFC Championship Game with the coldest wind chill in NFL history at minus 59). "That was before I had season tickets, but seeing fans so excited in that weather, being so jubilant and throwing snow up in the air, that was a great game. Plus, we beat San Diego."

Worst moment as a Bengals fan:
Super Bowl XXIII, when San Francisco 49er John Taylor caught Joe Montana's catch with 35 seconds left in the game to beat Cincinnati. "I was glad there wasn't a handgun around, because I felt like I could have shot myself." Also, when Palmer got injured in the playoff game against the Steelers. "That was a low moment for Bengals fans because there were such high hopes."

Do people think you're crazy for being such a big fan?

"Some people at work just shake their heads. During the draft this year, I was going around singing "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year," and people thought I needed to be institutionalized. There was also a long lean spell in the "¢90s for the Bengals and people thought I was bonkers for being a fan. But I'm a fan, thick or thin, and I wouldn't trade it. I will have season tickets till they put me in the grave."

Fan of the Year
Name: Len Orme
Age: 69
Occupation: Retired
Part of town: Northgate

How did you get into the team?
"I went to the games, and I got season tickets with my brother in the early stages. Since 1982 when they switched to the stripes on their jerseys and helmets, I haven't missed a game. I don't know what it is about the stripes, but I haven't missed a game since that."

What is your "game day ritual?"
"I get up early and pick up people in my Bengals van. I'm on my third one. The first had "¢Welcome to the Jungle' written on it; the second had a tiger on it; this one is getting a tiger put on the hood. We have about 40-50 people go down to tailgate, and I take some with me in the Bengals van."

Who is your favorite Bengals player and why?
"There are two or three I like a lot. I like Chad because of his personality and the way he plays so hard. There is something about Carson too because he's quiet but a good leader."

Best moment as a Bengals fan:
In 2004, Orme was named a Fan of the Year, and was inducted into the Visa Hall of Fans at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton. "It was great, just very special. It made you feel like one of the players."

Worst moment as a Bengals fan:
"The "¢90s "” we didn't win! It made you feel bad, but you had to think one day it would turn around. People would say, "¢Fire the coaches' and "¢Turn it around' all the time."

What is your outlook on the upcoming season?
"I hope we can get some better wins and that Carson can improve from last year. Most of all, I hope they can get to the Super Bowl again before I die."

Do people think you're crazy for being such a big fan?

"Yes. My son says when I die he will bury me with all my team gear, inside my Bengals van."

Fanclub Fanatic
Name: Mary Ann Cracchiolo
Age: 56
Occupation: Insurance executive assistant
Part of town: Monfort Heights

When was your first Bengals game?
1985, when Cincinnati played Dallas. "I got hooked. I've had season tickets ever since. I've been through lean years and wonderful years. It's like a family; it's a bond. We've done lots of road trips to see the Bengals. I've only missed two games in 25 years "” one for surgery and one for the flu. I really don't miss games."

Biggest show of love for the team:
Cracchiolo started the first official Bengals fan club in 1998 with a few other fans. They ran it out of a friend's basement until the club got too big. As a thanks, the Bengals even brought them on the road to travel with the team.

What is your "game day ritual?"
"We meet at the parking lot, have breakfast and catch up with everyone. I have to wear my signed Chad Johnson jersey (he signed it as a rookie), striped helmet earrings, Bengals bracelets, a Who Dey necklace, Bengals shoes and socks. I'm pretty much "¢Bengaled out.'"

Who is your favorite player and why?
"I'd have to say Chad, because to me, he has great showmanship. He's like a little kid in that he just loves playing the game. He's not cocky "” he just loves to play."

Best moment as a Bengals fan:
The Super Bowl in 1989, when Cracchiolo had a party to celebrate. "We thought they were going to win. We ended up losing, but everyone was just screaming. We had three TVs going. Everyone was glued to the TVs and jumping up and down." The Bengals' eventual loss in that game also qualifies as her worst moment as a fan.

Do people think you're crazy for being such a big fan?
"Yes, but we're not fair-weather fans. The Bengals were so bad for a while, and people made fun of us. But when they win, it's just that much more special because we've been there since the beginning."

What is one of the most exciting things about being a fan?
"I'm amazed at the number of women today who truly enjoy football. They know the game, and they are true fans."