The term “bedbug” may remind you of innocent childhood rhymes, but anyone who has had an infestation knows bedbugs are a nasty problem. Their feeding leaves red itchy welts on your skin, and property owners spend thousands eradicating them.

Bedbugs have made a comeback in the U.S. and in the Cincinnati area. “We’re at ground zero. Cincinnati is one of the worst infested areas of the country,” says Barney Creevy of CPC Exterminators in Florence.

Bedbugs are transported on furniture and clothing, and they can survive for more than 10 months without a blood meal.

Dale Grigsby of the Cincinnati Health Department discourages bringing used upholstered furniture into your home. “If someone puts a nice piece of furniture on the sidewalk, there’s probably a reason for it,” he says.

Bedbugs are flat, oval, wingless and rusty brown. They’re active only at night, so daytime sightings may indicate a heavy infestation. For more information, visit

1/4 of an inch:
the average length of a bedbug
how many tiny white eggs a female bedbug lays in her lifetime, which is usually about 10 months
how many diseases bedbugs are known to transmit to humans
the average cost to exterminate bedbugs in a single-family home. The price skyrockets in multi-family homes, because adjoining apartments jst also be treated.
Sources: Cincinnati Health Department, CPC Exterminators