Dateline"”Egypt, 2007 B.C.: The Sun God was observed transiting the firmament this morning in his sparkling, new refulgent Solar Yacht with state-of-the-art wheels of fire and six super-charged, swept wing, equine propulsion systems. Luxor dealerships were sold out of the mere mortal's model in two hours. Waiting list positions are going at a 200 percent premium.

Dateline"”Rome, VII A.D.: Publius Gaius was arrested today for failing to pay sumptuary taxes on his new Phoebus Fire Burst Chariot with padded hemi cabin, all-leather suspension and matched four-horse, variable speed drive units. Upstart!

Dateline"”Cincinnati, Fall 2006 A.D.: What goes around comes around. Time once again for inoculations against humankind's two longest standing diseases: influenza and luxury car fever. The Oh!-7's are here.

The term "luxury car" exists primarily in the mind of the manufacturer, the press and the buyer/owner. It speaks of over-the-top comfort, breathtaking performance, artistic styling, precision engineering, faultless fit and finish. But most of all, dear reader, it speaks of panache, image, individuality, exquisite taste, exclusivity and money...especially money. And it often adds up to one thing"”Badge Passion.

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