Thank you for including the MagiQuest game and Scooops Kid Spa in the February issue of Cincy magazine. The new format of the magazine you described at our meeting is sure to be a huge hit. Congratulations.
Cathy Moyer, executive assistant
Great Wolf Lodge

Your article on the late, great Rod Serling (“Skyline View,” March) overlooked one of Serling’s greatest television accomplishments.
Early in the 1960s, the United Nations commissioned Serling, along with other writers, to create a series of made-for-television movies that promoted the mission of the U.N. Serling’s “Carol for Another Christmas” — a plea for global peace in a world finding itself on the brink of doomsday — aired just once, on ABC, on Christmas Day, 1964. This unique version of the Dickens’ classic was directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz and starred Sterling Hayden as the Scrooge character. Robert Shaw, Pat Hingle and Steve Lawrence, an odd trio, took on the roles of the three ghosts. Other cast members included Peter Sellers, Eva Marie Saint, Peter Fonda, and Ben Gazzara, with music by Henry Mancini.
I was able to watch “Carol for Another Christmas” again at the television museum in Manhattan. Perhaps we will see it on DVD one day, but I doubt it somehow. Too depressing and thoughtful for today’s television audiences.
Larry Whitley
Cherry Grove

In the “15 Most Expensive Homes” feature (March), the house at 8657 Emerald Isle should have been listed as selling at $2.8 million, not $1.8 million.

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