In 1998, while working for Procter & Gamble, Josh Sneed decided to try his joke-telling skills during an open mic night at Go Bananas Comedy Club in Montgomery. He gradually became an accomplished performer, and eventually was forced to make a tough choice: "Continue with the day job or decide to give stand-up my all," he recalls. "I thought I was young enough that if it didn't pan out, I could bounce back from it."

His parents, however, weren't sure if Sneed had made the right decision. "My mom was disappointed," Sneed says. "She's a P&G employee. But both of my parents knew how happy it made me. They also knew that whenever I do something, I try to give it 100 percent, so they respected the fact that I was going to give it my all."

Nine years later, Sneed's comedy career is going well. In March, his half-hour special debuted on Comedy Central. He regularly opens for various members of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and has started headlining more clubs in bigger cities across the country.

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