It’s no secret that driven executives and top-level professionals are immersed in their careers. So those who also lend their time, expertise and resources to deserving community organizations and charities should be applauded. We’re recognizing a few of the many important players who are stars behind the scenes. They are not just names listed on boards. They work hard to make a noticeable difference in the community.

Andrew Dewitt
Hyde Park
President & CEO, Dewey’s Pizza

Andrew Dewitt serves on the boards of directors of the Cincinnati Parks Foundation, Enjoy the Arts and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Cincinnati. Asked why he decided to get involved in such community programs, Dewitt says, “The cliché is sort of to give back to the community, but in one sentence that’s what it comes down to. To be asked to be on the board was an honor, to in some small way give back and help the organizations I’m involved in.” Dewitt says he comes into contact with a large part of the community through his restaurant, which makes it easy to get involved.

James P. Murphy Jr.
Mt. Lookout
Assistant Vice President
and Wealth Management Advisor
Merrill Lynch
im Murphy has been a key volunteer for several community organizations in recent years, serving on various committees for Habitat for Humanity, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, the Oral Health Council and the Bacchanalian Society of Greater Cincinnati. In the past, he has also served Freestore Foodbank, the Flying Pig Marathon and the Ohio River Valley chapter of the Arthritis Foundation. “I want to use my good fortune and resources to make Cincinnati a better place to live, visit, work and play,” he says.

Ann Lugbill
Mount Washington
Grant & Eisenhofer

Ann Lugbill, chairperson of the Foundation for Talbert House, was recently awarded The Ernest Talbert Award for her years of service. In 1989, she became the first woman to serve as chair of Talbert House Board of Trustees. In addition to her work at the Talbert house, she serves as co-chair of the Josh Morrow Workplace Fairness Fund, a state-wide charity that provides funds for plaintiffs who are victims in employment law, disability, race and sex discrimination and other civil rights cases. She also recently chaired the Cincinnati Bar Grievance Committee, which investigates and prosecute lawyers for malfeasance, up to and including disbarment. Lugbill also serves Friends of the Stowe House.

Steven Jemison,
Deputy General Counsel
Procter & gamble

Steve Jemison has worked with the Visiting Nurse Association of Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky for about 20 years, previously serving as chairman of its board of trustees. He has also been working with the Freestore Foodbank for about two years as chairman of the trusteeship committee and on its capital campaign. In addition, he serves on the national council for the Ohio State Moritz College of Law. In the past, he has served on the advisory council of Dress for Success and other organizations. “Where much is given, much is owed,” he says. “I just think that I’ve been a very lucky guy and I have a responsibility to give back to the community.”

Michael Brandy
Indian Hill
President and CEO
Michael Brandy has been Chairman of the Board of Directors of Matthew 25: Ministries, a humanitarian relief organization that helps the poor from Cincinnati to overseas, since 2001. He has done much for the organization through the years, including donating the land for its first administrative facility and later negotiating its sale, being one of two presenting sponsors for its Humanitarian Hall of Fame Awards and leading its capital campaign. He has also been very involved with Mount Washington Baptist Church, where his father is pastor, since age 17. “I believe it’s everyone’s responsibility and privilege to enhance our community and to help others in need. Nonprofits take what can be done by an individual and multiply it dramatically,” he says.