Last Week was the Geneva Auto Show, apparently my tickets got lost in mail so I did not make it to Switzerland.  The big news coming out of the Geneva show was the introduction of the third generation Porsche Boxster, this coming on the heels of the U.S. introduction of the new 911 in February.  The reviews on both cars have been very positive each featuring a longer wheelbase, wider track, shorter overhangs, more interior room and comfort for the occupants.  The similarities extend throughout to the interiors of both machines with a high narrow center console attributed to the Carrera GT supercar design that is making its way across the entire Porsche line, as evidenced by peering into the interior of the Panamera also.  From what I am seeing Porsche has hit another home run with the new Boxster, just as they have done with the new 911, I look forward to driving one soon.
Last October I was ferrying a 1960 Porsche 356 Cabriolet back to the safe and warm confines of its garage, the night was cold and cloudless facilitating glimpses of the Milky Way seemingly exploding across the skies.  The drive followed an evening spent with fellow car enthusiasts listening to Bobby Rahal regale the crowd with racing stories and other humorous offerings, fine food and hospitality, the drive was a fitting end to a fabulous evening.  As I wandered along the thought came to my mind that 51 years prior this was the best automobile available and the exhilaration of driving this machine had to be similar to what the many sportsmen that chose the Porsche 356 for competitions such as the Monte Carlo Rallye had experienced decades prior.  I seriously thought of driving on through the night and enjoying several hours in "time machine" mode until the ever present herd of Deer darted across the road, instigating a hard braking and avoidance exercise; realizing the damage that Bambi would wreak on the subtle curves of the coachwork convinced me that the garage was the best place for this classic that night.
Flash forward to February 2012 and the introduction of the new 911 at Porsche of the Village gave me the opportunity to drive the new car.  Having experienced many drives in a variety of 911s from late sixties models up through the current models I was very excited to get the privilege of piloting Porsche's newest creation.  Just getting into the car and backing it out of the service drive I knew I was in for a very special treat, the seating position, controls, comfort level and ergonomics in general far surpassed any previous experiences behind the wheel.  Bruce Harnish rode along with as the expert navigator explaining to this vintage dog how the driver aids work on the a late model car, detailing the subtleties of the electronically assisted power steering, the PDK transmission, and sway bar disconnect feature for increased ride quality the conversation turned to Porsche's long history of striving to offer the best car available.  
Relaying my time behind the wheel of the vintage Cabriolet spurred Bruce into discussing how since 1948 Porsche has embraced quality and performance as keystones to its being, and just like the 356, the new 911 is the pinnacle of the car world.  Driving the car on several occasions has allowed me to utilize the exciting new technologies that add to the performance and even more fully endorse those views.  The new 911 and now the Boxster are further evidence that Porsche is Intelligent Design, raising the bar for the car world again.
Cincy Publisher Eric Harmon just told me he found my passes to the Geneva Auto Show, they are right there with the airline tickets that I tried to put on my expense account, well maybe next year.  Check out the coverage of the introduction of the new 911 and Porsche of the Village's Family Tree III, along with other stories about the motoring lifestyle in the April edition of Cincy-The Magazine for Business Professionals, on newsstands April 1-no foolin'! Kurt Niemeyer