For those who’ve ever tasted Ale-8-One, that soda pop that’s unique to this part of the country, the news keeps getting better.
Ale-8-One is expanding its reach further and further into Southern Ohio grocery stores, and has even offered up a diet version.
“It is available in Ohio now,” says John Whitaker, the Cincinnati-based distributor of the pop. The Kentucky company has expanded its reach into six counties across the Ohio River: Hamilton, Warren, Clermont, Butler, Clinton and Brown. (The good Amish in Adams County will still have to hop into their buggies and drive a bit for their Ale-8-One fix.)

The soft drink is as much ginger ale as anything, but manages to maintain its own unique flavor.

Bottled in the small town of Winchester, the recipe has been a closely guarded secret ever since G.L. Wainscott brewed his first batch in 1926. Wainscott tinkered with ginger-blended recipes he came across while traveling in Europe.

In introducing Diet Ale 8, company president Frank Rogers (a relative of Wainscott) notes that “dietary and weight conscious consumers have been requesting a diet drink for some time.”

While the ale is definitely non-alcoholic, the company points out that a frozen cocktail recipe is winning awards and hearts across the region (briefly put, pour a six-pack into a saucepan, boil to reduce by half, add six ounces of Kentucky bourbon, freeze into a slush, then blend).
And if you’re wondering how the name of the soda came about, it was actually the result of America’s first “name the product” contest. Wainscott chose “A Late One” as the winning entry, and the logo Ale-8-One was adapted as a pun.
You can find this brew at the Party Source in Newport, area grocery chains, or can call the bottling plant at 859/744-3484. They’ll happily ship you a case of 24 cans or bottles via UPS directly to your home or office. The case of cans is $18, but we’d recommend the more authentic bottle experience; that’s $32.