"Aging in place means more than just staying at home," says architect Mark Streicher, president of Abacus Design Group. "It means that people can age "” happily and safely "” in the comfort of their own homes, something more Boomers want ... for their parent and themselves."

With over 25 years of residential remodeling under his belt, Streicher and his staff specialize in modifying homes through universal design techniques to accommodate existing or future physical limitations and make living comfortably effortless.

"There are very simple things you can do to your home," he says, like putting in blocking for grab bars when re-tiling a bathroom for future use, or minimizing hallways and maximizing doors in a remodel.

Closely listening to the customer and creating unique, functional solutions, no matter how large or small, is the cornerstone of Abacus. From pre-purchase consulting to design and construction, Abacus Design Group is in touch with functional, attractive solutions for living.
Abacus Design Group, (513) 489-3200, www.abacusdesigngroup.com.