There are no long, endless days of summer. Instead we schedule time off, steal moments from vacation days to work or just try to change up the routine to take advantage of the sunshine.

 But it's worth it.

 Approaching summer as an outdoor adventure energizes us. So, hang onto the zipline, rent a kayak, hike a gorge. Find time to eat your heart out at Newport's Italianfest or rock out in Blue Ash. Don't miss the headliners including the World Choir Games and Paddlefest. And don't tell anyone at the office if you dress up for the Buffett concert.

 Let this issue be your "to d' list as you try to sandwich in everything from amusement parks to music festivals, canoeing to rock climbing and even traveling north to the sand dunes of Michigan.

 Grab the sunblock and your Reds hat and get out there.


Eric Harmon

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