Members of the business community might wonder why J.T.M Food Group CEO Tony Maas is spending so much time away from his company's home base recently. He's been sighted walking the grounds at a vacant 12,000-square-foot building (formerly occupied by Discovery Zone) on Smiley Road in Forest Park.

Is something new on the horizon?

Yes, Tony Maas has a new venture in mind. But it doesn't involve the edibles produced by J.T.M. Food Group, a family-owned company sporting $60 million in annual sales and a business whose roots go deep in Cincinnati history (rare is the summer picnic here without J.T.M. burger patties on the grill).

The new undertaking on Tony Maas' mind relates to the media. And he's very clear about what's bothering him on that topic.

"The music and entertainment industry and the media are sending messages out there that are absolutely terrible for our kids," says Maas, a father of five. The saturation of sexual and violent messages invite children to enter what he calls "a culture of death."

This concern about the media's growing negative influence on teenagers provoked him to get involved in a nonprofit, ecumenical organization called Victory Videos Ministries about five years ago.

Maas has been an active and effective cheerleader for the positive, fast-moving, teen-oriented television show produced by Victory Videos Ministries called The Zone (midnight Saturdays on Channel 9). The Zone has grown to be one of the most popular programs in its genre and is seen on more than 200 stations across North America.

Maas has served as president of the board of Victory Videos Ministries. It's a position and a passion that consumes at least half his time these days, he says.

Back to that new building and this CEO's philanthropic mission: The new facility in Forest Park is part of a plan to merge the positive media message delivered by The Zone with an upbeat, state-of-the-art venue, a place for kids to hang out.

With help from Maas and others, Victory Videos Ministries will renovate this building into a multifaceted entertainment venue. The complex will feature local and national musicians, a coffeehouse, a media resource center, a sound studio and training center. Its atmosphere will be comfortable, hip and decidedly "nonchurchy."

"Our mission is to go right into the culture and do positive things" from a faith perspective, Maas says. "We know this will have an impact on creating a better community."