Schaaf: I believe the projection of 30 percent is relatively accurate if you account for the wide variety of digital media being included in integrated marketing communications plans today. These placements include such media as banners, pay-per-click search engine marketing, e-newsletters, blogs, podcasts, webinars, etc. Because of the variety of digital advertising solutions, media professionals today have a much greater number of outlets to reach potential consumers.

Spak: The bigger question is, how are you defining new media? I think 30 percent is a stretch, considering that internet advertising comprises about 5 percent of total advertising expenditures, even though people spend as much as 20 percent or more of their "media time" with their computers. Again, going back to the semantics, I think it is terribly limiting to reduce this discussion to something about traditional versus new media. With consumers taking greater control over what they take in, it will be critical for marketers and agencies to understand that it is meaningful engagement with wary consumers that will win the day.

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