4. SWIM SPAS the spotlight at the spring Home & Garden Show was the PowerPool SuperSport by MAAX Spas at the Agean exhibit, an 18-1/2-by-7-1/2 foot combination hot tub and swim spa with separate systems for exercise and relaxation. PowerForce swim jets and Power Stroke exercise equipment provide the resistance swimming or water-jogging workout in one section, with the spa in the other. Temperature controls are separate, and there are cup holders to boot. The steel frame, self-contained pool comes with a chemical system, skirting, and most have lighting and radio systems. They are delivered by crane, all in one piece, to be set up on a concrete pad. About $30,000. (513) 874-3331. www.agean.com, www.maxspas.com.

5. SAVE THE DECK Pot Pads are a deck's best friend. No more deck rot, molding, discoloration and bugs under your water-logged pots. The hard plastic domes with a non-skid rubber pad grip the bottom of pot and lift the plant off the deck surface for aeration and draining. Think of those handy furniture mover pads "” they hold up to a ton and can be used indoors as well. Four for $5.99 at www.allsopgarden.com.


6. KTICHENAID COLORS Kitchenaid's iconic stand mixers are known for their bright color palette ranging from fire engine red to tangerine, green apple, pistachio, sunny yellow and pink. Their new Architect Series of countertop appliances spotlights a new color and finish designed to blend in with any décor. The Cocoa Silver is rich and warm, a contrast to the bright colors and stainless that can sometimes feel pretty cold. This new color is a distant cousin to brown with a matte finish that doesn't shout. Instead it makes a point to blend in with others. It's available in the stand mixer, food processor, blender and hand mixer. See it at www.kitchenaid.com.


Larry Anderson and his clever friends "” Steven Long and Jan Detherage "” were lamenting about how messy it is to clean paint rollers . . . all that washing, squeezing, re-washing. What could be done to clean it without touching the icky roller? The result of their eight months of experimentation and brainstorming is the Paintrifuge, two ribbed rollers inside a plastic pitcher. The painter simply hooks the whole roller assembly over the side, without touching the wet paint, positions the messy roller between the two and adds water. The included socket attaches to a drill powering a 30-second spin. Empty, refill, one more spin and voila "” a clean, ready-to-re-use roller. It also works on drywall mud. Sold at ACE Hardware in Dillonvale and Hebron, Burke Hardware in Brentwood and at www.paintrifuge.com. $19.95.