At Royalmont Academy in Mason, you are “surrounded by people who love every day,” says Carrie Johnson, development director for Royalmont, “As soon as you enter the building, there’s just this feeling.”

The private Catholic school, which was founded in 1996, has seen a 190 percent growth in students in the past three years. The campus covers 14 acres and includes more than 50 classrooms, two gyms and two libraries. Royalmont is also Warren County’s only Catholic school that offers preschool through high school. Three years ago, Royalmont High School was only online. Now, high school students have their own building with 46 students.

The school’s strong foundation within the Catholic faith contributes to its success, says Johnson. “We interweave faith into everything we do here in the classroom,” she explains.

Royalmont begins the day by greeting each student in the car drop off line with a handshake. This, as well as numerous other gestures and actions, instills a strong foundation of faith and good virtues in each student. Every year, the Academy puts on a free car wash for the community.

“This is an important lesson for the kids each year on giving back and expecting nothing in return,” says Johnson, “It’s a lesson on love and what it means to love freely.”

Royalmont has a big year ahead with plenty of both new and long-standing events on the calendar. One new aspect of the academy is its new drama department, which started last year in the high school and is now available to middle school students. The drama department will put on two productions a year: a preschool-through-eighth grade show in the fall and a high school show in the spring.

In 2017, the spring production will be Charlotte’s Web and the fall production has not yet been announced.

Royalmont has also kept some of its traditions from the beginning. Since it was first established, the academy has done its own rendition of a Halloween event, with every student and faculty member dressing up as their favorite saint and researching them to give a brief presentation to the whole student body. This year all of the faculty and the 186 students dressed up on Oct. 31.

“It’s an honor for the students to dress up as someone who made such an impact,” explains Johnson. “It keeps faith close to the heart.”

The academy also puts on two big events throughout the year, the Fall Banquet and the Spring Gala. The 2017 Fall Banquet doubled as an Open House Nov. 5. The banquet included student speakers ranging from first grade to high school students. The Spring Gala will be April 1, and is open to the public. This year’s theme is masquerade and the event includes live entertainment.

“Working for Royalmont really has been a dream come true,” Johnson says, “It really says something to stand in a building and truly feel touched.”

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