Growing up, sports were a mainstay in my life and as well as with all my friends. Football was big, and I have many fond memories of time spent playing. I can also recognize all the positive effects of the coaches' "hard wiring" our young minds for the future. They instilled discipline with all the practice, preparation and the ever-glorious two-a-days.

Our best season came when we were juniors and we went to the playoffs. I remember what great chemistry my class had with the seniors. It was their year to shine, but they would not have made it to the playoffs without us. Their energy paved the way; we were there to seize the opportunity.

Fast forward to today. I believe Cincinnati and the Tristate are on the cusp of a new era of prosperity going way beyond sports. Recent data from the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber shows we had more new jobs in our region than Columbus and Cleveland combined last year. Also, consider the excitement of the Banks and the Bunbury Music Festival, which we explore in this issue. Things are on the move.

This issue is our annual YP Cincinnati edition. We hope that you enjoy the stories of our region and its offerings for young professionals. We are very proud of the partnership formed with Give Back Cincinnati "” these young people are not wasting any time becoming major forces of change within our community. Restaurateur Jeff Ruby has his own crop of young professionals, as well. Contributing Editor Peter Bronson spent time with Ruby, his sons and daughter, and he offers an entertaining story about the family as well as the business.

In Cincinnati, just as on any good sports team, you have to give much of the credit to those "seniors" who saw that we needed change years ago and began moving in that direction. Maybe efforts in the region, even for things such as for the streetcar, and just as important, efforts to derail it, are just the reality of a region that now embraces a little competition. We have people fighting for a starting position to get on the field, and that makes us all play a little better.

Any way you look at it, I have great confidence in our region's "first team" and those preparing to step up when given their shot. - 

Publisher & President

Eric Harmon