This time of year, Cupid can depend on a helping hand from the good folks at the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce. Executive Director Paulette Leeper and her team mail thousands of Valentine’s Day cards for and to perfect strangers from across America — and beyond.
“The valentines that come through our office arrive from all over the world. People send their valentine first to the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce. We stamp your card with a special cachet, or mark, and then we take them to the Loveland post office for mailing, where they put the special ‘Loveland’ postmark on them,” Leeper says.

It should come as no surprise that Valentine’s Day is a major deal for any town with the word “love” in it. What is surprising is how the rest of the world has embraced the concept. “Our valentine program now stamps more than 6,000 Valentine’s Day cards a year. It has really grown in the past couple years,” notes program coordinator Beth Fisher, adding the numbers are twice those of a few years ago. “We are now set up at the post office from Feb. 1 to 13 stamping cards.”

Those who want to partake in the chamber’s lovely offer can mail their valentines to: Valentine Lady, Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce, 442 W. Loveland Ave., Loveland, OH 45140.

If you send in cards, make sure they are pre-stamped. “It has to be addressed with a return address and also stamped and ready to mail,” notes Leeper. “The only thing we do is affix our special cachet.”