One of only a couple facilities in the Greater Cincinnati area to offer 24-hour emergency veterinary care, MedVet is also is one of the leading specialty health care facilities for pets, says Dr. Jenny Wells, medical director.

“We are a 24/7, 365-day-a-year practice as far as our emergency clinic goes and then the specialties group are available on a full-time basis as needed,” she says. MedVet, a veterinarian-led and -owned business with 24 locations throughout the country, has been in Cincinnati since 2010, says Wells.

Located at 3964 Red Bank Road in Fairfax, MedVet offers specialty services by referral in 14 different specialties, including the area’s only board-certified anesthesiologists, radiation oncologist and radiologists, she says.

MedVet Cincinnati’s Cancer Center is also home to an integrated team of oncology experts providing surgical, medical and radiation treatment options, says Wells. The facility is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies available to dog and cats, including CT scanner, linear accelerator and the only animal-dedicated MRI in the region.

“I think as pets become a bigger part of our lives and our families people are expecting the same kind of care that they get for themselves for their pets and we’re here to deliver that,” she says.

Because there is such a high demand for veterinary specialists MedVet, which also offers internships and residency programs to veterinarians to further their knowledge and qualify them for board certification in a specific specialty, is continually seeking to recruit the best doctors, says Wells.

“All the specialties are growing at a rapid rate and we’re doing our best to keep up with the demand,” she says. “People have higher demands, higher wants for their pets. They want those advanced diagnostics so they can give their pets the best life possible.”

That’s especially true for the millennial population of pet owners, says Cidney Fitzpatrick, MedVet regional marketing partner. “We’re seeing less and less millennials have children and they’re investing in their livelihood and their pets,” she says.

Although no referrals are needed to bring a pet in for emergency care, MedVet works in partnership with general practitioners for specialty care needs, says Fitzpatrick. “Let’s say you take your cat to the vet and they’re listening with their stethoscope and they hear like a murmur,” she says. “They may refer you to a cardiologist which would be used to help detect where is the murmur coming from.”

In fact, MedVet employs Dr. Kathy Wright, one of the leading veterinary cardiologists in the country. “Dr. Kathy Wright does cardiac ablation and she’s the only person in the country to do that,” Fitzpatrick says.

Regardless of whether a pet is being seen for emergency or specialty health care they will never be alone at MedVet, says Wells. “We have 24-hour nursing, 24-hour doctor care,” she says. “There is always someone here.”