Operating a business can be expensive, but one area businessman has found more than one way to save a little green.

Steve Melink, owner and founder of Melink Corp. in Clermont County’s Union Township, is already saving green, and planning to save a lot more. The new corporate headquarters for his HVAC company was the first building in Ohio to be named a LEED Gold structure for energy efficiency by the U.S. Green Building Council, and remains a leader in conserving environmental resources and money.

“I attended a green building conference in Cleveland in 2004, and I just became captured by the passion that so many people have in this green building movement,” says Melink. “They were way ahead of me, and I sensed there was a movement under way and I had better get caught up so I wouldn’t be left behind. We were in the throes of designing our own building, so I thought let’s go ahead and become leaders and not regret a few years later that we didn’t seize the opportunity. It’s an opportunity to walk the talk. We’re in the business of selling energy-efficient products and services, so we should be working in a building that exemplifies that as a value.”

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