Winemaker Chip Emmerich doesn't stomp around in vats of grapes. He's located in North College Hill, not Napa Valley, and he doesn't boast a vintage Pinot Noir.

He's the owner of Burnet Ridge Winery, having finally paired his passion for manufacturing with his love of fine food to create a selection of reds and whites perfect for the bon vivant palate.

Emmerich wrestled with his long ambition to actually make a product. "I always wanted to manufacture, but I didn't know what. As I grew up, I still had the desire to produce something that, at the end of the day, I could say 'I made this.'"

During an 18-year career working as an elevator inspector in Kentucky, Emmerich formulated the logistics for owning his own business. "I felt comfortable around food and it was natural for me to be in the kitchen."

From there, Emmerich found his niche creating a product for the senses that involved both cooking and manufacturing. "It kind of fit right in," he says. "If you're going to have a nice dinner, you need something to go with it."

In 1993, Burnet Ridge "” deemed on every bottle as "a wine made among friends" "” became reality for Emmerich. Aged and bottled on his two-acre facility, Burnet Ridge's 10 wines are sold in stores and poured in 150 Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky restaurants.

His business strategy remains simple: "I keep the wine process primitive whenever I can. We ferment here and age in wood instead of stainless steel." Emmerich believes maintaining the traditional wine process sets Burnet Ridge apart from its bulk wine competitors. Upholding the primitive method is costly and often deters customers seeking a cheaper bottle. Yet the favored Purple Trillium, a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Verdot that represents 60 percent of sales, wholesales at $16.66. A comparable wine would wholesale around $38. "I can still beat my expensive competition at $16 and I'm not producing a low-end wine "” that's a decent pour."

And according to Emmerich, what the people of Hyde Park or Indian Hill want is a quality wine at a great price. "Burnet Ridge is a value, it's a deal for a person who likes fine wines.

"If you get someone to talk about it and turn their friends onto trying it, then you're really making a connection. Word of mouth is what we're all about."