Of the many destinations Executive Chef Matthew Wilson of Parker’s Blue Ash Grill has traveled to hone his culinary creations, he cites California — where the favorable growing climate has always ensured an emphasis on quality produce — as having the most influence on his cuisine. His goal is to bring that focus on quality local ingredients to Parker’s. He even grows his own herbs on-site, an effort that not many chefs can claim.

But Wilson’s Las Vegas roots begin to shine through when you ask him what the best part about being a chef is. The answer: “Chefertainment.”

“Every day is an opportunity to put on a show for people ... I like to help them escape from their daily lives,” he explains.

Despite the desire to put on a show, Wilson knows that the reason people come to his restaurant is quite simple. “It’s just food. We’re just fulfilling a basic human need in nourishing people,” he says. That’s a sentiment that he tries to instill in his staff, as well, and a refreshing one in a world that has more than a few egomaniacs in the kitchen.

If you haven’t made it to Parker’s yet, try the daily fresh fish selection. According to Wilson, fish offers a greater opportunity to showcase interesting pairings.