Tax Planning Mistake #7 - Do not use the proper tax entity to maximize your tax savings.

Has your CPA reviewed whether your business is using the proper tax entity to save income and social security taxes? Has your CPA reviewed whether you would save taxes if you used an S corporation as your tax entity?

To find the answer to these questions and many more, click on the video from the February 2, 2017, Tax Planning Workshop. Find out whether your business is using the best tax entity for you to save on your taxes.

To find out more about all the Top Ten Tax Planning Mistakes Made by Business Owners, go to or  You can watch a video of Bill discussing the top ten mistakes and get a copy of his workshop outline and tools to review in the comfort of your home or office.

Tax planning is complicated. Are you getting all of your tax planning questions answered by your CPA, Attorney and Financial Planner? As an Attorney, CPA and Financial Planner all in one, Bill Hesch is uniquely qualified to give you a second opinion. 

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