“Coaching helps create a Lean environment where organizations can implement small changes, develop positive habits, and ultimately LIVE a culture of continuous improvement.”

Coaching is universal.

Even the greatest athletes in the world have coaches…because even the greatest athletes have something they can improve upon. A coach is there to develop skills and abilities and to boost performance. A coach also provides an outside perspective. Companies that embark on a Lean Journey also need a coach. It’s a critical piece in helping a company’s management team and employees develop a Lean-thinking mentality. TechSolve gives organizations extra support through its Lean Coaching & Support services. Our expert teams help companies not only tackle major projects, but we also act as a trusted advisor and unbiased resource. 

“Process Improvement is about making a culture change, and small changes over time are key, because it is the small changes that make the biggest impact,” says TechSolve’s Alex Jones. Jones states that a Lean coach can help a company:

  • Implement and sustain the necessary change for organizational improvement

  • Change old habits and develop new ones that can be sustained over time

  • Maintain the drive to stay consistent on a Lean journey

  • Improve overall quality and efficiency

The first step as a coach is to help individuals develop the confidence to maintain their Lean journey overtime. A coach can be the driving force in helping a company’s change-agents stay consistent. But the coaching doesn’t stop there. “Once individuals have the confidence to stay the course, it’s time to move on to new and bigger challenges,” adds Jones. “Therefore, a company should always retain a coach that can help tackle the more complicated issues that may arise over time.” Coaching is not just about the process. It’s about fostering relationships.

  • A good coach must understand that every person and coaching opportunity is different, and that it’s important to adapt to every situation.

  • A good coach knows where a person is in their lean journey and then tailors an approach and coaching style to that particular situation. This approach helps build further on the strengths of an individual, as well as improves areas of weakness.

  • A good coach encourages management and employees to move out of their comfort zone and into an area where they are constantly learning. After all, the core principle of Lean is continuous improvement.

  • A good coach creates a working environment that promotes learning, independent thinking and opportunities to contribute.

Jones says that a Lean coach often faces individuals that are reluctant to change. “Employees don’t want to have to rethink the ways in which they’ve always done things. They may also be afraid of failing. A good coach will provide a safe environment for these Lean implementers and let them know that it’s OK to fail. Because, the faster you fail, the faster you can move on.” TechSolve understands that coaching is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to developing and sustaining a Lean thinking mentality. Coaching helps create a Lean environment where organizations can implement small changes, develop positive habits, and ultimately LIVE a culture of continuous improvement.

Does your company need a coach as you embark on your Lean journey? For more information, please contact Alex Jones at jones@techsolve.org or 513-948-2107.