In July 2013, Orchestrate Technologies was established for the purpose of growth and prosperity. Just two years later, it became a thriving company. The move from Montgomery to the heart of Cincinnati’s business district right on the new streetcar line has helped Orchestrate develop into a burgeoning business with a service-driven culture. 

“We strive to reach out and cultivate relationships that set the businesses up for growth,” says partner Vincent Williams. “The support we offer is there to further enhance the products a business has and to use it to the fullest capability.” 

Orchestrate offers its businesses a different brand of IT. As an on-site management services provider for small and medium-sized businesses from Columbus all the way down to Lexington, its goal is to give businesses the leverage and adaptability they need to grow in a competitive world. By offering wireless Internet, security protection and Office 365 through a nationwide cloud deployment, Orchestrate provides cost-effective integration for its clients. 

“We want our partners to grow and prosper with us using the technology we offer. If the business isn’t succeeding, we’re not doing our job,” says Williams. 

Partnering with Microsoft for the cloud license helps reduce cost by not having to purchase and install equipment. Orchestrate can provide this cloud service in 46 states in the United States and three countries. Last year, Orchestrate was included in the top three service providers for small and medium businesses by its Microsoft partner.

“Having this honored to us only a little over a year after establishment is a huge step for our business as a whole,” Williams says.

Orchestrate’s mission is to help businesses grow, prosper and succeed, but helping for-profit companies is just part of Orchestrate’s mission. The tech company also has reached out to nonprofits to aid in their success as well. Supporting, sponsoring and partnering with organizations such as Linden Grove School, the YMCA, The Salvation Army and United Way has given Orchestrate the ability to make a difference in the community around it.

Orchestrate’s new brand of IT and collaboration with existing tech support makes the application for businesses easier, all while building and cultivating relationships with the businesses. “We are really excited about where we’re going with this business that is led by cool technology,” says Williams. “We get to be surrounded with the new leading edge technology and get the opportunity to learn and grow with it.”