Airrosti Rehab Center, introduced to Greater Cincinnati in 2012, does more than treat patients; it gives people their lives back.

“Our goal is to fix the root cause of pain, educate the patient on how to prevent it from re-occurring and return them to activity as quickly as possible,” says Derek Curlee, director of business development.

About 40 percent of patients come to Airrosti Rehab with back or neck complaints, says Curlee, and providers also are able to have an impact on pain in other areas. The most common conditions treated at the center include rotator cuff pain, elbow pain, cervical pain, Carpal Tunnel-like symptoms, shin splints, patellar tendonitis and more.

The majority of patients who come to Airrosti, about 80 percent, come from friend and family member referrals, says Curlee. 

“We have done little consumer advertising as the majority of our patients and partner referrals are a direct result of our outcomes,” he says. CrossFit and other sports organization partnerships are also formed through these outcomes.

Providing exceptional patient care at the center starts with having the best providers, and Curlee says about 13 percent of candidates will become an Airrosti provider.

“While our providers are licensed as doctors of chiropractic, the treatment that we provide is fairly unique in health care,” says Curlee. “Using the latest research on evidence-based care for musculoskeletal injuries, we’ve developed a treatment model that allows our providers to spend a full hour with every patient, every visit.”

The center is committed to providing evidence-based care, and providers don’t use passive treatments such as electro-stimulation. As a result of the consistency in their treatment and the time spent with patients, an average treatment plan is three-to-four visits. Of the nearly 125,000 patient cases at the center in 2014, 90 percent of patients reported complete resolution, says Curlee. Additionally, everything the center does is driven by its mission to provide the best soft tissue treatment with a genuine passion for helping its patients. 

“Our treatment plans are driven by the progress of the patient,” says Curlee. “As pain decreases and function is restored, our patients are taught what they should be doing at home and at work to avoid encountering the same injury in the future.”

Health plans are focusing more on encouraging its members to take advantage of the most efficient and valuable treatment options, and Curlee says many employers are looking to Airrosti for their employees.

“Several times a week, our team is on site with various employers leading lunch and learns, injury assessments or injury prevention classes. We even offer Experience Airrosti days where we place an Airrosti provider on site and invite employees to sign up for a complimentary treatment.”