When the routine gym workout gets boring, it can be easy to lose motivation to stay active. Two local fitness classes spice up their workouts to get you moving—burning calories and building muscle.  

Roughing It

Winter can put a damper on anyone’s workout routine, but ELMNTL fitness wants its participants to get outside and into the elements. Literally. Kevin Wimmer took “the leap” roughly four years ago and started his own business. He created a workout that uses fundamental movements rather than gym equipment.

“It takes a certain person to try a unique class,” says Wimmer.

He says that many individuals who come to an ELMNTL workout in Woodland Mound Park either hate the experience of working out in a gym or love the outdoors.

“It’s not one size fits all. I take into account if the individual has previous injuries or health issues,” says Wimmer. “I make sure there is something for everyone.”

Each exercise has levels of variations that become progressively more challenging, and each workout class has a different focus. That means that beginners don’t get left behind and regulars can take it up a notch. What’s not to love about that?

“The workouts are always different and always challenging,” he says. “It doesn’t have to feel like hard work because it’s meant to be fun.”

ELMNTL is also about being green and keeping the conscious clean.

“A big thing is that the workout is sustainable. We aren’t using electricity. We are not harming the world,” says Wimmer. “We are using what it gave us.”

To give participants no excuse to skip a session, participants are encouraged to bring their dogs with them to workout. Wimmer brings his own dog, Mason, who is often running station to station, providing his own encouragement to ELMNTL participants. Wimmer jokes that you have to watch your knees sometimes because the dogs like to get up close.

Kids are also regulars at workouts.

“Kids look at it as play, but to adults it becomes something different,” says Wimmer.

He says that by allowing children and dogs to come, it acts as a stress reducer, too.

Participants can expect everything from climbing, balancing, lifting, running and even quadrupedal movement during a class. That’s a recipe for burning off unwanted weight and getting fit.

Dancing It Off

Grooving to the music is a great way to get active and Dare to Dance encourages individuals of all ages, sizes, shapes, backgrounds and experience to come party. After all, the great outdoors isn’t for everyone.

In a controlled air environment, people looking for a groovy workout will find common ground with others wanting to work up a sweat at their own pace.

Getting the party started to hits from Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias, is one thing that Dare to Dance Zumba instructor Stacey Poe loves doing.

“Every instructor here is different, but we all have the same goal: to keep you moving and be excited about working out,” she says. “Think of it as a fun-fitness party for an hour.”

The party favors include water, music with a beat and a choreographed routine by Poe herself.

Poe started out as a student before being asked to teach Zumba classes. She’s even taught classes while pregnant and can testify that it’s good to move.

 “I want someone to say ‘Wow,’” says Poe, a graduate of CCM Dance. “I make it different and unique.”

While not all Zumba instructors create their own choreography, Poe enjoys being able to put her degree to work, giving her Zumba participants a unique fitness class.

“Don’t give up. You won’t be perfect the first time,” says Poe. “It might take a couple of times.”

It might be time to kiss that gym routine goodbye.