One of the Tristate’s largest private companies has a new name, but its focus on supplying customers’ energy needs remains unchanged.

“We’re more than just the oil company that we started out as more than 60 years ago. We’re an energy company,” says Jeff Lykins, president of the third generation company that changed its name from Lykins Oil Co. to Lykins Energy Solutions earlier this year.

The company retained Cincinnati-based HyperQuake to come up with the new name and branding to reflect that Lykins supplies not only petroleum, but also propane, electricity, natural gas, lubricants and eventually compressed natural gas.

With revenues this year expected to approach $1.3 billion, Lykins expects to deliver about half a billion gallons of fuel in its various forms this year to customers across the Midwest and as far south as Florida.

In September, it began marketing its ability to supply residential as well as commercial customers with electricity in Ohio. Lykins has been an electric broker, arranging electric transactions for a fee, for several years, but in July it was certified as an electric supplier in Ohio, allowing it to buy electric load directly from generators for its customers in Duke Energy’s service area.

“We feel that Lykins has had such a good name in the residential heating oil and propane business for so many years that customers will at least give us a chance to be their electric supplier. We’re not going to be doing high-powered marketing. We’ll advertise it is available to our customers and if we can save them money, great!” says Lykins.

The company has been a natural gas broker for its commercial accounts and expects to eventually seek certification as a natural gas supplier as well.

Lykins is also ramping up its new fleet credit card through US Bank’s Voyager unit. For Lykins fleet customers it gives them the ability to buy fuel anywhere.

“Fleet customers can can fill up anywhere and we can give them a discounted rate based on their volume,” he says. “They get one bill and we can setup whatever controls they want.”

Lykins is also in the early stages of getting back in the retail fueling business after selling the last of its retail convenience store/gas stations about 10 years ago.

The company is developing sites for five freestanding, unattended fueling stations around the Tristate that would supply fossil fuels, biodiesel and compressed natural gas. The fueling stations are seen as a service for Lykins’ fleet customers, but they would also be available to anyone with a credit card.

“We’re identifying locations now and negotiating with the suppliers of the equipment,” he says. Lykins could begin construction on the first site this year or in the spring, depending on the weather.

Unattended fueling stations are rare in Ohio, but the technology and cost has gotten to the point that they’re feasible, Lykins says.