It's true: Work can be creative and entertaining. Sometimes it just takes leaving the constraints of the office cubicle to get you thinking outside the box.

Natural sunlight, brightly painted walls, colorful furniture and a change of scene can help office retreats or brainstorming sessions.

That's what BOOST"¢For Meetings Sake creator, Jenny White, says after working in the corporate world as a meeting planner for Procter & Gamble Co. "When people go to work they are walking into a professional building, wearing professional clothes," White says. "But [BOOST] is a space to relax and it [helps] bring more of your whole self. It's not a typical meeting space, and people get excited about that."

For more than six years White heard request after request from clients wanting an open, creative meeting space. She started working on a business plan and opened an innovative and unique meeting space in Cincinnati.

Other meeting and event venue operators say stepping back from technology to meet face to face helps co-workers bond and achieve a cohesive message and mission. Additionally, food options, which may range from continental breakfasts to a full meal or just fruit and snacks, can help set the tone for collaborative exchange.

BOOST has two locations, one downtown and a new meeting space in Mason. Both offer private, spacious meeting lofts.

While each location has its own personality "” an authentic downtown loft and a second-floor suburban boutique "” both meeting spaces offer a similar list of extensive office supplies, audio and visual setups, and unparalleled amenities. The goal is to maximize the time for those meetings to effectively work on important business objectives.

BOOST's most distinctive feature is its flexibility.

The furniture is light and portable so it can easily be rearranged to fit the group's needs. Further, every group has access to a hospitality provider who can assist in anything from making copies to rearranging rooms for breakout sessions.

"This way the flow of the agenda is not interrupted," White says. "There is no need to wait on anything."

The goal is to ensure a smooth day away from the office in a spacious, creative and energetic environment. -

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