Our 10-Year Anniversary

This issue stands to commemorate our 10th anniversary of publication. Since our inception, our mission has changed a bit, yet some things have not: our dedication to create a product that seeks to benefit our audience and the Tristate region, to serve their passions and pursuits, and hopefully have some success and good fun along with way.

What was first an effort for me to establish the Cincinnati office for then Ohio Magazine has become a very exciting journey, starting with launching what was originally Cincy Business Magazine along with Felix Winternitz, our editor, out of the business incubator Main Street Ventures on 12th and Main.

Since our first issue with George Schaefer, then prominent CEO of Fifth Third Bank, on our cover, we have grown to over 15,000 subscribers, added employees (from one to now 15 full-time employees along with several all star freelance writers, photographers and artists), outgrown our original office space (we now have the fourth floor at the Cincinnati Club), become a separate, locally owned company, and now produce several different magazines and events.

So too has much of the city and region we love and serve grown and changed. And as such, we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the notable figures we have profiled and see how their lives have changed.

It has been a pleasure serving the Tristate community, as we wish you, and those people and things you love, continued prosperity and shared mutual success.


Eric Harmon
Editor & Publisher